Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) in Sri Lanka

Two members of the No More War team had the pleasure of conducting a training of TO in Sri Lanka this August, supported by CCIVS and its Raising Peace campaign (http://raisingpeace2014.wordpress.com/tag/ccivs/). The training aimed at empowering the participants to use TO in their work and other contexts. The participants were purely locals already working with...
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Create a Climate for Peace Campaign – Rome Training

Youth Leader Training: “Nonviolence needs Nature: let’s face the challenge” Dates: 22.04.2014 – 29.04.2014 Location: “La Città dell’utopia”, Rome, Italy The objective of this event is to train 20 youth leaders, who will then run activities related to the Create a Climate for Peace Campaign during summer 2014. Participants will learn about the main tools needed for...
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Lech Wałęsa strikes again. ‘Exclusionary solidarity’: LGBTIAPQ* rights and silencing over Sochi.

Whilst exaggeration of realities and the hypocrisy of individuals and governments has been unhelpful in the condemnation of Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law, the Olympic games is playing host to ever–familiar silencing techniques. What is more, they are being deployed in the name of ‘peace, solidarity and dialogue’, contradictory appeals to emotion and cultural compartmentalisation. Poland’s...
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Worldwide Call for Coordinators: “Create a Climate for Peace” Campaign

As you may know, the SCI’s worldwide campaign on peace and climate justice “Create a Climate for Peace” is now starting. Next up on the list: find 4 coordinators! You can find below all the information to apply for these important roles, and for any further informations you can write to climate4peace@sciint.org .   We are waiting for...
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