Video chronicles and doing interviews

Here are some of the advices and questions which came up during the video training: Think about what you want to film in advance. You may wish to have a clear idea of what you want to capture. Think about a story from the perspective of an average viewer; for example it is good to...
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3 Types of Leadership

We looked at and compared three different methods of leadership. In the end consensus has been reached that we need to use elements of each of the styles flexibly according to the situation, the group dynamics and the needs of all involved parties. The styles of leadership: Authoritarian Laissez faire Democratic Below in the pictures...
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Here the first public version of the toolkit for no-more-war coordinators and others working with groups on peace and pacifism The no-more-war-group made this to give inspiration and ideas on how to work on these ideas in workcamps. If you have any additions and remarks or comments, we would love to hear them! You can...
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A starting ground for helping to stop war

This page is created and used by participants and affiliates of the No More War group within Service Civil International, a global volunteer peace organization created after World War I. Here we share our experiences, news and pictures related to Pacifism and Nonviolence – stopping war means ‘to spread across barriers which divide men a...
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