Gene Sharp on Nonviolent Defense

Nonviolence at home and in politics – a very interesting speech – good to listen to. Nonviolence as Defense by Gene Sharp, a researcher and vocal advocate of nonviolence. He is more the pragmatist, focusing on how to do things instead of how to first change minds Still, a lot of useful and interesting things,...
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What must go down for peace to rise…

Money expenditure for arms and military definitely has to go down for peace to rise! The SIPRI Institute (a peace research institute) in Stockholm published the latest numbers and they do not look good, so lots of work there for us! To quote their recent trend analysis: “World military expenditure is estimated to have been...
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Wall between Palestine / Israel

Fotos & Infos – Israel/Palestine

Hey people, in case someone of you plans to do some stuff on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during your workcamps, you can show some of the pictures i took during my stay in the region as kind of a visual support for any conversation or presentation. Photo session 2009: Photo session 2008: In case...
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Nonviolence – a force more powerful

On the aforcemorepowerful webapge you can download a study guide which goes through several nonviolent struggles in the last 150 years. Chile, Poland, Denmark, India and Southafrica are shortly explained (each on very easily readable two pages with pictures ) and tasks you could probably give to participants as well
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More on sustainability

First start with the inside life sustainability mediated by the life we digest and how it ‘shapes’ us – if you remember that needs are rooted mostly in our bodies, what we eat and how we treat our bodies by food has a large part of fulfilling or neglecting our basic needs with deadly consequences:...
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