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No more war in Libya

The last months have seen remarkably results of nonviolent protests in Tunesia and Egypt. Yemen may finally see a nonviolent solution to its people’s struggle, after many lives were lost in the last days. The people of other countries were not so lucky (yet) – and probably not as experienced in nonviolent protest as the...
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Seminar for no-more-war

Hi all, the call for participants is finally ready for the May-seminar about camp coordination with specific focus on no-more-war study parts and networking. You can download the call for participants with all the important informations to know about the seminar by clicking on the following link: NMW-Coordinator and Networking Call for Participants. If after...
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Toxical chemicals in electronics

Wanna buy electronics?

In case you are planning to buy electronics, I now have the perfect decision helper for you Greenpeace ranks electronics companies according to their use of toxic chemicals in their products and how they deal with recycling old products. Actually, you can click on one of the numbers from 1 to 16 to see, how...
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