NMW-Workcamp impressions from Burlington USA

Volunteers for Peace, a United States partner organisation of Service Civil International organized this workcamp together with the local partner, Burlington Friends Meeting and they had a public panel talking about Nuclear armament / disarmament. This is an interesting video of the panel, which mostly consists of the workcamp volunteers are giving informations on the...
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Democratic leaderstyle

No-More-War Seminar calls for you

Hey there, the application form for the new seminar in November is finally finished and you can download the Call for participants and the application form by clicking on your preferred format (pdf, odt, doc). You can find the details of the seminar in this post as well: Forget fists, forge voices – the power...
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No more terror

The war on terror since the tragic attack on civilians in the US ten years ago is far from finished, instead, it is reproducing itself. In the US, about 3000 people died in those attacks. In the following ‘war on terror’, the human rights were basically stripped to the bone, economies suffered (except for the...
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Postwar trauma

The effects of war are tremendous, me myself never having experienced one thankfully, those who do and speak out about it, are both courageous and changed by it. Here some former soldiers from Serbia are exchanging short personal stories and statements about the aftermath of war for their personal lives: Some former US combatants from...
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