Book recommendation

I was blown away by this book, tip fro xmas reading. Basically to obtain real sustainble goals and changes the direct way is very really the best path. That’s too me it’s another way to put into great practice one of my mottos SIMPLE NOT EASY Like Ceresole did not put it’s goal in creating...
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failure report

so I have one question were as NO MORE WAR did we failed already? and more in general in what ever part of SCI or any other organizzation where did you fail?   when are we going to make a failure report of our team and of our movement?...
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Nonviolence? What do you mean?

From the last seminar from which I still want to write a report for you at one point, here some thoughts I had around different concepts and words surrounding non-violence. They will hopefully provide some food for thought, ideas or inspiration or you can use them as a starting point to draft your own definition...
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