Peace Caravan – What is it about?

Peace Caravan is a project that gives the opportunity to its participants to lead, together with local SCI branches and their volunteers, peace related activities. The participants, split in 4 consecutive teams, will travel during the summer of 2012 from Finland to Catalonia, while passing through Easter Europe.

Preparing for Peace Seminar

by wfmillar

Peace Caravan, something a lot of you may have heard about or even discussed with us in the last month. And the first step, a seminar concentrating on working on the peace caravan and preparing volunteers for it is finally only about a month away – from 17th ot 24th of March .

If you have not yet filled in an application form and sent it to your branch, there are still some places left. Do that this weekend if possible, especially if you require a visa for coming to Great Britain as it will take place in Scotland, near Loch Lomond.
The following nineteen SCI partners and branches are eligible to send volunteers! If you are from one the branches & partners below, then you can directly send your application form (see at the end of the post) to them, so they can approve your application and forward it to IVS Great Britain.
If you are not from one of the partner organisations above, you can still ask
a) the partner organisation listed below, if you live in the same country
b) your own organization to forward your application to IVS-GB
In the latter cases, you should be aware that the chances of being accepted is not so high, due to funding-restrictions.
Following the list of participating organisations:

And here you can download the application form: “Preparing for Peace application & info“, which also contains more information on the seminar itself and some background knowledge!

We will write more about the European No-More-War peace caravan on “No borders for peace” in the following weeks – the project will span thirteen European countries, volunteers traveling through them, and a lot of branches and partners cooperating to make this project of the No-More-War group and the Peace Messengers work!