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Hi all,

due to the continuing troubles with the access to Projects I deactivated that plugin for now. That means I also removed the articles explaining those features. Whenever I referred to these in mails, those mails and links are now obsolete as well, sadly. The problems were just too many and too consistent to ignore. I rather give you stable options of finding good ways of working with each other!

So, what is there and won’t change: Groups with their forums! Information is best organized in groups, also helping with privacy issues. In these groups you can open forum topics (like in any forum software), include files with the forum posts and so on. Any member of the group can (and unlike with Projects this really seems to be reliably working, thankfully) see these posts and download these files.

So, to collect all the information needed so far:

  1. How to write in a forum
  2. How to use groups
  3. How to set up correct privacy for groups
  4. How to set up email notification

[HowTo] E-Mail Notifications

Email update options

Just today the question arose whether it is possible to be notified of new activities by mail? Thankfully, yes, that is possible – you can for each group you are member of decide, whether or not, and how often you want to get mail about new activities. For doing that, you go to “Groups” overview and then click on the blue text called “Get email updates”. A yellow popup area (see image) should come up giving you options and explanations on what they mean.

In short you can choose between the following:

  • No Email I will read this group on the web
  • Weekly Summary Get a summary of topics each Thursday
  • Daily Digest Get the day’s activity bundled into one email
  • New Topics Send new topics as they arrive (but no replies)
  • All Email Send all group activity as it arrives

The group activities monitored are group membership, new documents, new discussions, new projects, new tasks and some others as well.

Group default options & Group mails

If you want to make it easier for people to get mail notifications (and this is an area we still have to gather experience in terms of when is it too much mails, etc.), you can change the mail notification default setting of the group, so that any new member will automatically have set one of the above options (though each member can still change them for themselves). The settings are found under your groups “Admin” – “Settings” tab.

There is also for group admins the possibility to write mails to all group members. This is also under the groups “Admin” tab but then you go to the Email Options area.

[HowTo] Group Privacy Options

The group Privacy Options (are set when you create a group but Group Admins can change the setting later as well) determine

  • how people join your group: Either directly themselves [public], or only by request and accepting them [private], or only by invitation [hidden]).

Since the No-More-War community is so far open to anyone who registers, I would recommend to have groups always as private groups, except for the general group. That way you have control over your group content (only to members of your group – means a group admin had to accept them). If you want to be open to whoever comes, then creating a public group may still be a good choice.

  • how people can find your group: Public and private groups are listed in the groups directory and in search results, hidden groups are ‘invisible’ to community members not in your group

If you want people to join your group on their own, then use a private group. If you want people to only be aware of your group by invitation, then create a hidden group.

  • who can see the content you are creating: Only public group content can be seen even by non-group members. For private and hidden groups, to see the content, you have to be a group member.

If you create a public group, just be aware that even non-members can have a look at your contents.

As a last note, site admins have the priviledge to see hidden groups and their contents they are working on.

[HowTo] Group Management

Projects help organize work in groups and sharing information. You can also get an overview of people involved in task completion and see all files attached to this groups projects at one!

You can get an overview over current discussions / replies to projects by clicking on DISCUSSIONS.

[HowTo] Use groups

Groups are one of the core components for understanding and using this community. Groups offer

  • a group specific forum for group discussions

The forum can be used for discussions and exchanging documents within groups. See this article for an introduction.

  • text documents (only if this option is activated in that groups settings by the group administrator)

Text documents can be used to create draft documents and style them like any other wordpress article. You can also view and restore older version, if you need to.