The Peace Caravan is coming!


That’s it, the Peace Caravan is officially launched, and you can now apply to join it this summer!


What is the Peace Caravan?


The Peace Caravan will take place this summer, between July 1st and September 13th, and will be an amazing opportunity to organise peace education actions and spread a message of peace! It will travel across Europe, from Finland to Catalunya, across 13 countries (Finland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Romania, Austria, Hungary, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain).


Four teams will travel three weeks each (after an intial training and team-building seminar), mostly by train, and will organise peace education in cooperation with the branches. Some of them have been trained in the ‘Preparaing for peace’ seminar, taking place in Scotland in March. However, even if you have not taken part to this seminar, you can apply if you have peace education experience.


1st route: 30/06/2012 – 22/07/2012- Finland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia
2nd route: 18/7/2012- 9/8/2012- Serbia, Kosovo, Romania, Austria
3rd route: 5/8/2012- 27/8/2012- Austria, Hungary, UK, Belgium, Germany
4th route: 23/8/2012- 14/9/2012- Germany, italy, Spain


Travel will take place in sometimes challenging circumstances. Therefore participants will need to be flexible and ready to adapt to unexpected circumstances, and to travel sometimes long hours by train.


How to apply?


Like for any work camp! You can contact your branch but you can also do it yourself online, going to
topic 3 (‘Peace and disarmament’), workcamp number: 3.72


If you are a member of one of the branches visited by the Peace Caravan, you can also welcome the Peace Caravan and join its activities. Contact your branch for more information on how to participate!


If you have any question- contact us!

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12 thoughts on “The Peace Caravan is coming!

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  2. Dorota

    I have a question – are the travel expenses covered by SCI or do the participants have to pay for it? The distance is quite long and probably expensive :)

    Looking forward for your reply,


  3. myers

    Hi Dorota,
    travels during the project are covered by SCI. However volunteers have to pay their own travel to the starting point of the PC and for their journey home at the end.
    Hope that answers your question.


  4. Vicky

    Hello, I’m trying to apply for the peace caravan through the workcamps network,
    and I don’t manage to fill in the application to the end, I can fill out my profile, selection and then the system doesn’t let me fill in the motivation part!Is there any other way I can apply, or something I have to do to work it out? because the days are soon over an d Iwould really like to have this opportunity!

    Thank you

  5. Oreste

    Hello, I just found out about the Peace Caravan but unfortunately the deadline was three days ago. I’m not sure I will apply for the longer one, as I’ve never had such a long experience abroad before. Can you please tell me if the Peace Caravan is going to be organized next year, too?
    Thank you!

  6. myers

    Dear Oreste,
    thanks for your interest in supporting the PC! At this moment we cannot say if the PC will continue next year – as you can imagine, it takes a huge amount of work to organise, and in any case, we have first to see how things will go this year, before deciding on how to go on in the future. We are planning to have an evaluation and follow-up meeting in the late Autumn, so things should become clearer after that.

  7. kumar raj subedi

    I would like to join this peace caravan and need more details regarding it.Thanks.

    • Sylvie

      Dear Kumar,
      Unfortunetely applications are currently closed. Next year maybe :)

  8. Merel

    Hai there! So, i would like to meet the peace caravan participants in Belgium middle august, in Spain begin September and meet up in Barcelona 13th September. Can you tell me when they pass this countries exactly, how and where to find them? Where will the meeting 13th take place? Oh it would be so wonderful if i could find an answer to that!
    love, O>

    • Rebecca Grübel

      Hey Merel,
      it’s really nice that you want to meet the PC. They will arrive in Brussels on June 20. I can’t tell the arrival time because we haven’t bought the tickets yet. Four people of the group will already leave Brussels (18.25) for Cologne (20.15pm )on the 23rd and the other four on the 26th (Brussels 06.25- Cologne 08.15 am). They will get to Spain on August 8.
      Here’s my email address: Just contact me per mail and I can send you more details about the programs in each country.

      Best, Rebecca :)

      • Merel

        thank you so ! *

      • Rebecca Grübel

        sorry, I meant Brussels on the 20 th of August, and then they will get to Spain on the 8tj pf September ;)

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