Peace Caravan – We have our volunteers :)

With great joy I can share the news that as of today, the peace caravan has its volunteers! As is usual in SCI, we have informed the branches which should be updating the site very soon. The participants, those on the waiting list (which we are hoping to rely on if one of the selected participants can’t make it) and those we had to decline due to the limited number of places available should have been notified by now.

Thank you all very much for your applications – it was very encouraging and inspiring for the whole No-More-War team to read about your passion and energy for nonviolence and spreading knowledge about peace!

Next comes realizing it all. Thirteen branches all over Europe have been very busy together with us to prepare this all and we are still continuing that process. In the last two weeks the No-More-War team created and tested an online community tool for helping us exchange information and discuss stuff – very different and hopefully a good addition to this news blog. More in another article!