How about some community?

Hey all,

bin some time. We have been preparing something special for some of you (actually for all, but it may be interesting to some more than to others). We created a new community page for all of us to exchange ideas, news and points of views around No More War, SCI and peace / nonviolence stuff. It is also the community we use together with volunteers and hopefully also soon with the branches to prepare and do the peace caravan. So if you want to join in on stuff related to any of that, please feel welcome to join us by registering here:

There is small introduction articles once you are registered, so you don’t get lost. If you have any problems or other feedback, please write a comment! The most important thing to know – everything happens in groups, so first thing – join groups. Second thing, add friends, since for some groups you need friends to invite you :)

Hope this works out and you will find good use for it! We are still at the beginning and hope to see this grow into a vibrant community of people enriching each other via opinion, news, research, discussions or just encouraging others to walk the path of peace :)

Warm hugs to all,


P.S.: The new community will not replace this blog. It serves a more directly connecting instead of informing purpose :) So you won’t miss anything big of No More War if you don’t join. But you will probably miss out on discussing with us about topics, project ideas and stuff :)