Our vision

In our first group meeting in Vienna we defined the following as our goals for the near future, starting with out overall goal, looking at more specific aims behind that goal and describing our tools, we want to use for reaching that goal:


“Help SCI People realize that a pacifist world is possible”


  • We want SCI vols to love facing and transforming conflicts
  • Knowing about history of pacifism and current application of non-violence in conflict areas
  • Make people believe “a world without army” is possible
  • To promote local and global awareness on causes and roots of war (structural violence, HR – Violations, racism, discrimination, economic exploitation, unfair distribution of material resources, climate change, …)
  • Focus on victims and effects of wars
  • Revive non-violent anti-militaristic activism within and out of SCI


  • More involvement in conflict areas and of volunteers from conflict areas
  • Develop long term concrete educational materials and practical actions (such as non-violence, conflict resolution, …) = global & local level
  • Communication to volunteers
One particular tool we created, is the no-more-war toolkit, focusing on how to create workshops dealing with Nonviolence, SCI and its history of working against violent conflicts, etc. .
You can find the current version on the materials page.

8 thoughts on “Our vision

  1. Saveria

    I’m a teacher involved in a Comenius project having as main goal Common goods and peace. I really appreciate your site and my students will work on the material we’ve found. They will be in Brussels on march and they will discuss about the possibility to build up a non violent world,based on the mutual understanding , correct communication , more equity in the share of resources. Thank you for helping us

  2. Happy

    I’m a refugee status here in Belgium, few weeks a go the Service Civil International people came to our centrum to advice and introduce this fantastic program No-more-war, Violations, racism, discrimination, violent and other criminal art. It gives me joy. I think the vision and the aims of this organisation will move the whole world not just only Europ because I see beyoung the vision of this program will change the world and lead verious countries in the world to a better future of our new generation. Appreciate this website.

  3. Yan

    Hello. I am very interested in peace caravan. Will it take place this summer? thank you.

    • John

      Hello Yan, it will not be repeated in 2013, but possibily the year after…

  4. The 21st of every month at a military base or arms factory nearest me I am doing a non-obstructive occupation. NO MORE WAR — NO MORE ARMS FOR BUCKS EXPORTS—NO MORE MILITARY. This is an invitation, to all my relatives to join me noon , once a month everywhere, world wide at your local war thing. Happy New Year,

    • y am confirming that I sent “The 21st of every month” comment. I am learning to use the computer and slowly developing my own page called “Occupation apple tree”.

  5. Anita Rizvi

    Dear Friends of Peace,

    Can you please watch this video and share it with as many people as possible? Please post the link on your Facebook Page,

    and on your website if you support the message.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLRsW8mswu4 Title – Hands OFF Syria, Hands ON Humanism, HD

    Please share this video with everyone you know, and help me spread this message.


    Anita Rizvi, B.A., M.Ed.,


    Ottawa, Canada


  6. I have juist joined Facbook with a site called NO MORE WAR. Hope you don’t mind but it does seem the most pithy way of saying what my website ( to which NMW is linked) is about. Congtats for all the work you are doing.

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