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Clara – I’m Clara, from Barcelona, active in SCI Catalunya since 2010 when, almost by chance, my „love/life-story“ with SCI started. In 2007, I took part in a workcamp: it was a turning point in my life. Later on, in May 2010, I met someone from SCI Catalunya in the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria and, during the summer, I ended up coordinating an SCI Catalunya workcamp; then I took part in the NMW training on peace and nonviolene in Albania in October 2010 and then I became the external representative in the National Youth Council of Catalunya for 2 years. One thing followed the other and quickly SCI Catalunya became a big part of my life. Currently, I am board member, I take part in the Peace Education and the Feminist local groups, I train volunteers and youngsters (including the NMW Training for Junior Trainers) and I’m sure many other things are yet to come! Out of SCI and NMW: Last year I did a postdegree on Peace Culture at the university and I took part in the SALTO Training of Trainers. Also, I work full time in another youth organisation, I love dancing, riding my bike and discovering the world.

Ivana I am Ivana, from Novi Sad small but beautiful city in Serbia. I just finished my EVS in the SCI Germany office. I lived in Serbia until I finished my high school and after that I went to USA to study psychology and to play tennis for my University. This was a great experience for me and in the US I first started to do voluntary work.  After University I returned to Serbia where I started to be active in Volunteering Center of Vojvodina. I was in different kinds of volunteering projects from sport events to festivals. In 2011 I started doing workcamps I did 4 so far as a participant. I was a camp coordinator in Wewelsburg castle, former Himlers castle, where the topic was remembrance. I was also coordinator in No Hate Speech Training in Berlin and after that in Peace Messenger training. Some other personal things about me I like learning languages I speak English, Spanish and German and I also tried to learn some Italian and Swedish. I love traveling and just being in contact with people from different countries. I am interested in history and in peace education. I also like sports especially football and tennis.


John – citizen of UK, did a first workcamp back in 1975, a solidarity camp for disabled children, victims of the Vietnam war. Vols from 16 countries raised ten thousand DM within 3 weeks. The experience inspired me to continue my involvement and become a long-term volunteer, both in Germany and later Poland at the time of Solidarnosc. After returning to Germany in 1981 I was appointed coordinator of SCI’s international working group contributing to breaking down stereotypes, prejudice and enemy images between East & West. Since 1992 I am staff project officer with SCI Germany responsible for coordinating volunteer exchanges with the CIS, South-East Europe and Central Asia. Essentially I strongly believe that in this day and age all wars are both unnecessary, stupid and wasteful which is why I support this Action and help try to prove that there exist feasible & more meaningful, common sense alternatives to wars, military expenditure & (structural) violence and that all conflicts can be solved by non-violent means.


Manu – My life in SCI started many years ago when I was a young teenager. But the turning point was my first work-camp in Palestine in 2006, followed by a long period of intense commitment in the area.

Since then, I have been active in peace and global education trainings both in Italy and abroad, I have been a LTV in KVT-Finland, I have been working for about two years for SCI-Italy, and now I am a Phd candidate and lecturer at the University of Helsinki, mainly engaged with International Relations theory. And, last but not least…few days ago I got married with Kai!


Matteo – I have been involved with SCI since 2004. In the summer of 2003 I was in mongolia volounteering with another NGO building houses one of the last days I went out eating in ulaanbataar and there by chance I met two SCI vols (a french man and an australian woman) they explain me how to get envolve with SCI. Since that I did three workcamps in the south (thailand 2004 teaching english, togo 2007 and 2008 did theater with disable kids ). Moreover I have been a north-south trainer since 2005 and trainer of normal workcamp coordinators. I have been on the national board since 2007, before as a trustee and then later as national treasure. I coordinated a couple of youth exchanges and workcamps in italy as well. Outside of sci, most of my trainer’s experience comes from theater. I have done a social theater school where I had the chance of do stage with many directors italian and international. I also had the chance to do an european stage with armando punzo in voltera prison. After finish the school I took part in some event with the company at international theater festivals in germany and italy and lead theater workshop in school (elementary to middle schools mainly) and in the social field (with former prison mate, people with different abilities etc). Since 2005 I have been envoled with TO (Theater of the Oppress), I have worked with rui frati, director of the theater of the opprime at paris, and other italian directors. In the TO I have been both and actor and a jolly and led many theater forum and stages for and with other actors. I activate in this action since I belive war are always stupid and we should do something about to swing people to use peace weapons instead of the stupid war ones. The war machine is everywhere and we should do something to disassemble it.


Simone – By the way, I’m an active in the SCI-family since 2010 as activist on a regional level of SCI-Italy where I attended and coordinated several workcamps, mainly related with environment and pacifism issues.

The focal point was in 2011 when I attended my first SCI project abroad, namely in Palestine, as civilian presence during the olive harvest in Palestine in order to report human rights violations against Palestinian farmers carried out by Jewish Israeli settlers and army.
During the past 4 years I’ve been travelling all around the world for political activism and volunteering (and for relaxing, of course) in order to deepen my studies related to globalisation policies, pacifism, antimilitarism and the role of social movements: Tunisia, Algeria, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Senegal, Gambia, Greece, France and on a local level in Italy.
From september 2013 I’m staff member of SCI-Italy, firstly supporting the North-South programme and coordinating the same olive harvest project I attended as volunteers, then coordinator this amazing project regarding the concept of European/Global citizensip (you can download the final research!).
What about my role in NMW…I enjoyed the team one year ago, I was involved in several NMW camps and seminars and it’s an important part of my commitment to SCI.


Wilbert – Dutch nationality, since 2008 living in Indonesia. Attended his first workcamp in 1993 in Croatia, during the Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian war. He experienced, while in a refugeecamp, for the first time himself how war can destroy everything. Stayed involved for a long time in the Balkans, was amongst others long term volunteer in Serbia and pathfinder and country-coordinator Macedonia for Balkan Sunflowers in 1999, just after the war in Kosovo. Later on active in general in SCI on peace-education and working in conflict areas. Besides this, active in non-violent anti-war action and legal aid/direct action, supporting refugees/migrants.

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