Lech Wałęsa strikes again. ‘Exclusionary solidarity’: LGBTIAPQ* rights and silencing over Sochi.

Whilst exaggeration of realities and the hypocrisy of individuals and governments has been unhelpful in the condemnation of Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law, the Olympic games is playing host to ever–familiar silencing techniques. What is more, they are being deployed in the name of ‘peace, solidarity and dialogue’, contradictory appeals to emotion and cultural compartmentalisation. Poland’s […]


The Peace Caravan started!

Dear all, the peace caravan is on its way! To celebrate this two and a half months ongoing project start, we are finally making a special caravan blog available to the public! Join the peace caravan participants over at caravan.no-more-war.net where they will hopefully give us as much insight and updates on where they are […]