Invitation to Study Session “Occupy Peace Online” – 27.01. – 03.02.2013

27.01.13 – 03.02.13 at the EYC Strasbourg

Dear all,

SCI and NMW are excited to publish this call for participants for the Study Session Occupy Peace Online focussing on strengthening our capacities in SCI as a peace movement by looking at possibilities to venture into the online campaigning realm!

The study session takes place in Strasbourg at the European Youth Council (of the Council of Europe). If you are interested in discussing this topic and in creating a basis for SCI to delve into this area, then please have a look at the call for participants! If you fit the profile, we would love to have you as a participant at the study session. In this case follow the instructions inside by mailing us the filled in application form included in the call till December 20th. If you need a visa for France, then please send your application till the 14th of December, since lots of offices including EYC are closed around Christmas and New Years Eve.

Here the Call for Application as OpenOffice / LibreOffice file:
Occupy Peace Online – Call for Participants

Here the Call for Application as Microsoft Office file:
Occupy Peace Online – Call for Participants

We can accept participants from all countries worldwide!

Also people older than 30 are encouraged to apply for this study session, since Council of Europe allows for a percentage of people not being in their twenties anymore.

Peace Caravan 2012 finished

Hello to everyone,

the PC is now over and, as you can imagine, all members of the Peace Caravan team are exhausted and now trying to recover from this monumental venture. That is why we now need your help and support! When we say that PC is over, it is not really, because now begins the time of evaluation, reporting and elaborating future plans.

The NMW team will organise an international seminar in Halle in November to analyse the PC in all its aspects, and from 24/25 November the NMW team itself will meet to evaluate the project. Some PC volunteers and PC hosts already sent us their reports, but others did not (yet). In order that we can obtain as complete a picture as possible, it would be great if those who did not yet give their feedback send it to at least one week prior to the meeting.

And of course if anyone would like to support, propose new ones or be involved in future NMW activities, please do not hesitate to indicate that too! Last not least, we would like to thank the Peace Messenger Network, in particular Sylvie Gosme, for the valuable support with the PC, as well as our main funders: the EYF (Council of Europe), SCI CH and all private donors!

Many thanks and greetings to all,
John on behalf of the NMW team

How about some community?

Hey all,

bin some time. We have been preparing something special for some of you (actually for all, but it may be interesting to some more than to others). We created a new community page for all of us to exchange ideas, news and points of views around No More War, SCI and peace / nonviolence stuff. It is also the community we use together with volunteers and hopefully also soon with the branches to prepare and do the peace caravan. So if you want to join in on stuff related to any of that, please feel welcome to join us by registering here:

There is small introduction articles once you are registered, so you don’t get lost. If you have any problems or other feedback, please write a comment! The most important thing to know – everything happens in groups, so first thing – join groups. Second thing, add friends, since for some groups you need friends to invite you :)

Hope this works out and you will find good use for it! We are still at the beginning and hope to see this grow into a vibrant community of people enriching each other via opinion, news, research, discussions or just encouraging others to walk the path of peace :)

Warm hugs to all,


P.S.: The new community will not replace this blog. It serves a more directly connecting instead of informing purpose :) So you won’t miss anything big of No More War if you don’t join. But you will probably miss out on discussing with us about topics, project ideas and stuff :)