What we are up to – NMW Plan of Action 2013

Dear friends, finally you can find the plan of action of the No-More-War Team for 2013 (and probably a bit beyond). If you are interested to see what we are planing to do (or already doing and preparing), give it a read. If describes the NMW-Workcamps shortly, gives an overview over seminars and trainings we...
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Peace Caravan 2012 finished

Hello to everyone, the PC is now over and, as you can imagine, all members of the Peace Caravan team are exhausted and now trying to recover from this monumental venture. That is why we now need your help and support! When we say that PC is over, it is not really, because now begins...
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How about some community?

Hey all, bin some time. We have been preparing something special for some of you (actually for all, but it may be interesting to some more than to others). We created a new community page for all of us to exchange ideas, news and points of views around No More War, SCI and peace /...
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failure report

so I have one question were as NO MORE WAR did we failed already? and more in general in what ever part of SCI or any other organizzation where did you fail? http://www.ted.com/talks/david_damberger_what_happens_when_an_ngo_admits_failure.html   when are we going to make a failure report of our team and of our movement?...
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Good news!

John from the NMW-team just finished our new newsletter – two really exciting things in there are the No-more-war seminars, because this year, we can offer another seminar due to approved funding! From 12th to 18th November we will organize a seminar called ‘Forget fists, forge voices’ in Germany about the huge demand we identified...
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