Syria – is there still reason to hope?

Dear all, the situation in Syria is getting worse and worse. Citizens are being massacred, the state denies any responsibility for its affiliated troops and the opposition (at least the part that gets media time here in Germany) is calling for civil war. And yet, there is still a small hope. We have seen how...
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Uganda – People Power gone wrong?

If you are on one of the social networks or read news in the last two days you likely noticed a video called “KONY 2012” which has gone viral with millions and millions of views. The video itself describes horrors by a group called “Lords Resistance Army” (LRA) and calls for ‘supporting the arrest’ of...
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Nonviolence? What do you mean?

From the last seminar from which I still want to write a report for you at one point, here some thoughts I had around different concepts and words surrounding non-violence. They will hopefully provide some food for thought, ideas or inspiration or you can use them as a starting point to draft your own definition...
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Democratic leaderstyle

No-More-War Seminar calls for you

Hey there, the application form for the new seminar in November is finally finished and you can download the Call for participants and the application form by clicking on your preferred format (pdf, odt, doc). You can find the details of the seminar in this post as well: Forget fists, forge voices – the power...
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Peace talks

Today, I found a very beautiful gem, a peace broadcast called Peace Talks: Here one of their longer programs on ‘Peace economy’ – really quite interesting and a good resource: If you are looking for input on that issue – a great start into a peaceful weekend, I am sure : http://www.prx.org/pieces/65858-imagining-a-peace-economy-peace-talks-radio-59 “Today on Peace...
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Lead Peace – done

The ‘Lead Peace’ – seminar in Stockholm over Easter was very refreshing and interesting. For those of you who would have liked to go but were not able to (there were lots at least three times more applications than places), here a short report about topics and some pictures: First a short summary again of...
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Stay down

No more war in Libya

The last months have seen remarkably results of nonviolent protests in Tunesia and Egypt. Yemen may finally see a nonviolent solution to its people’s struggle, after many lives were lost in the last days. The people of other countries were not so lucky (yet) – and probably not as experienced in nonviolent protest as the...
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