Update: Study Session “Occupy Peace Online”

Dear all,

coming back from the prep-team meeting in Strasbourg, some updates and good news for people who’d like to participate.

We can accept applications from any country worldwide

As we clarified with the EYC, people from any country worldwide can participate! But there is only very few places for people from countries, which are not member states of the council of Europe (for a list see here)..

Deadlines for sending in applications

For people requiring visa for France: 14th of December (we will confirm your participation on the 18th at latest).
For people who do not need visa for France: 20th of December (with confirmation on the 23rd at latest)

Here again the Call for Application as OpenOffice / LibreOffice file:
Occupy Peace Online – Call for Participants

Here again the Call for Application as Microsoft Office file:
Occupy Peace Online – Call for Participants

Looking forward to read through your application,
Georg, prep-team member for the NMW Occupy Peace Online study session

seminar “Europe: lost paradise?”

ATTENTION: change of dates: 03/01 – 10/01/2013

NEW DEADLINE for applications: 15 december 2012

 Athens, Greece

Around ninety years ago, Europe had mostly been a dream and only after having suffered the Second World War, the politicians of Europe formed tools for uniting the people of Europe instead of creating division or even wars: The council of Europe and what today is the European Union. Especially the latter not perfect or even democratic, they created a framework for countries to actively remove borders concerning culture, economy and travelling.

Now, the financial crisis, born out of greed and inequalities is seriously threatening to undermine the values of peace and respect for human rights that the European institutions were built for. We believe that our response to this great challenge should be “moreEurope, more caring for each other; not less”.

To strengthen this symbolically, the seminar is going to take place in Greece, one of the countries, most affected by the current financial countries.

For that reason we want to bring together 25 youth leaders from 10 different European countries for an international seminar, in order to focus on the origins of the European idea, analyse in depth the reasons why this dream is no longer appealing to many Europeans and is in danger of falling apart, and last but not least what we, as an international volunteer movement, can do to get the original vision of people in Europe living united back on track.

Taking the above concerns into consideration, we believe it is time to discuss in depth what we want and expect from a future Europe and make our views publicly known.

For more information regarding the participation and financial conditions, please check participants call

Application form can be found here & don’t forget to write your motivation letter.

Following partners have signed partnership agreements for the project and are eligible to participate: SCI Italy, SCI Germany, Utilapu (Hungary), SCI Hellas (Greece), SCI Romania, SCI Austria, Zavod Voluntariat (Slovenia), SCI Switzerland, VIABelgium, SCI Catalunya (Spain).

Participants from other YiA Program Countries can still apply, but their participation is subject of YiA approval.