seminar “Europe: lost paradise?”

ATTENTION: change of dates: 03/01 Р10/01/2013 NEW DEADLINE for applications: 15 december 2012  Athens, Greece Around ninety years ago, Europe had mostly been a dream and only after having suffered the Second World War, the politicians of Europe formed tools for uniting the people of Europe instead of creating division or even wars: The...
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failure report

so I have one question were as NO MORE WAR did we failed already? and more in general in what ever part of SCI or any other organizzation where did you fail?   when are we going to make a failure report of our team and of our movement?...
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UNOY Volunteering for Peace – Study Session in Budapest

Meeting at the Council of Europe on Volunteering and Peace in Budapest started – three branches of SCI exchanging ideas with many other volunteering and peace organisations started discussing about the connection between volunteering and peace. To keep updated via twitter by some of the participants, you can visit this link:!/search?q=%23unoy I will try...
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