New workcamps finally arrived

We finally have a nearly complete list together with the links to the descriptions in the online database for workcamps online of the No-More-War workcamps of 2012! Enjoy browsing and writing applications Just look up on the Workcamps / Activities page!...
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NMW-Workcamp impressions from Burlington USA

Volunteers for Peace, a United States partner organisation of Service Civil International organized this workcamp together with the local partner, Burlington Friends Meeting and they had a public panel talking about Nuclear armament / disarmament. This is an interesting video of the panel, which mostly consists of the workcamp volunteers are giving informations on the...
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More of Wustrow

While waiting for more reports to come [singlepic id=63 w=320 h=240 float=right](you guys are writing some, right? ), here some more pictures from the No-More-War workcamp in Wustrow which is going great as I was able to hear yesterday night [thanks for singing ]...
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Report from Sri Lanka

Heartfelt thanks to Svit, a long time volunteer for SCI Sri Lanka,  for writing a report about a no-more-war workcamp in Jaffna in the most Northern part of Sri Lanka. Here his very interesting report on the workcamp and an introduction to the war that has been going on for about 30 years and the current situation: “The...
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First No-more-war Workcamp glimpses :D

Yay, finally an update. Had to recover from a cold (still not completely over it…) and my computer had to recover from hard drive failure BUT finally here are pictures from a no-more-war workcamp in Germany which is right now taking place in the wonderful town called Wustrow, where volunteers from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia,...
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