Toolkit (2012)

The main ressource we are offering for now is our No-More-War Toolkit 2012.

Gaia Sustainability Toolbox (2009)

The SCI Gaia working group created a 5 page list of ressources to use for informations and talking about environmental issues with others: Gaia Sustainability Toolbox, for additional on this topic have a look at this article.

SCI Conflict Resolution Pack (2002)

Created by the former conflict resolution team within SCI International, this is a good ressource for working on conflicts within workcamps and seminars.

  1. Conflict Resolution – Best practice SCI (2002)
  2. Conflict Resolution Pack 1, Conflict Resolution Pack 2, Conflict Resolution Pack 3

 SCI History Introductory Presentation

You can find a good introduction into early SCI history including the impact of World War I and the first workcamp in France by Paolo Maddonni, it offers interactive possibilities and is wholeheartedly recommended:

For more materials we linked on the blog, have a look at articles in the Materials-Category.

2 thoughts on “Materials

  1. Dear friends,
    How are you? I’m really interested in future cooperatiom and reciving info & materials about peace, change, non-conflict education. It’s my favourite subject!!!
    From 2011, Croatia is new programme country in the frame Youth in Action Programme.
    My organization is “RAPLECTION” from Split, Croatia. I’m coordinator for international projects… Our main goal is to develop a social and a cultural platform for young people to discover their talents and potentials. We permanently work with young people in the above mentioned fields, organize workshops, special trainings and cultural events, with the main objective always in focus: to bring their hidden creativity to the surface, and to present it to the wider audience.

    Anyway, I hope we’ll cooperate in future.

    Best wishes,

    Dijana Grgat
    Project leader

  2. This is great ! Go Youth!

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