Toolkit (2012)

The main ressource we are offering for now is our No-More-War Toolkit 2012.

Gaia Sustainability Toolbox (2009)

The SCI Gaia working group created a 5 page list of ressources to use for informations and talking about environmental issues with others: Gaia Sustainability Toolbox, for additional on this topic have a look at this article.

SCI Conflict Resolution Pack (2002)

Created by the former conflict resolution team within SCI International, this is a good ressource for working on conflicts within workcamps and seminars.

  1. Conflict Resolution – Best practice SCI (2002)
  2. Conflict Resolution Pack 1, Conflict Resolution Pack 2, Conflict Resolution Pack 3

 SCI History Introductory Presentation

You can find a good introduction into early SCI history including the impact of World War I and the first workcamp in France by Paolo Maddonni, it offers interactive possibilities and is wholeheartedly recommended:

For more materials we linked on the blog, have a look at articles in the Materials-Category.

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