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Okay, generally no-more-war workcamps are described as follows:

“This workcamp is part of the worldwide “NO-MORE-WAR!” campaign of diverse voluntary service organisations which have united together to highlight and practice pacifism and non-violence. We promote a future of peaceful cooperation where armed forces will no longer be necessary.”
More Information:

Projects for 2013

No-more-war workcamps 2013


Austria – Paths of peace

Paths of Peace

Turning previous paths of destruction -First World War- into paths of peace

13/07 – 26/07 Paths of Peace -full-
27/07 – 09/08 Paths of Peace Details & Application possibility

Preservation on the former concentration camp, partly archaeological work. Extensive studypart on history, violence, racism

28/7 – 10/8 Never again war! (Buchenwald) Details & Application possibility

After an initial training, participants will travel to other camps to run one-day self-designed workshops about culture, identity, discrimination etc.

04/08 – 25/08 Travelling camp ‘Culture and diversity’ Details & Application possibility


Great Britain

Volunteers will work behind the scenes in running of the festival. Studypart: the promotion of spirituality and peace through theatre, music and dance.

01/08 – 12/08 Festival of Spirituality and Peace Details & Application possibility
12/08 – 27/08 Festival of Spirituality and Peace 2 Details & Application possibility



Both muslim and Christian youngsters plant flowers together after a conflict in Ambon (East-Indonesia) which developed along religious lines

21/08 – 03/09 City of Flowers (Ambon) Details & Application possibility



Part of Living Together project. Participants will travel around Kosovo and collect recipes of traditional Roma dishes. Studypart: peace and human rights education

19/07 – 29/07 Heart, hand, spoon – Roma cook book Details & Application possibility


Sri Lanka

Cleaning premises, contribute to set better living conditions for people involved with the conflict situation in the recent past

08/08 – 18.08 Nawajeewanam (Kilinochchi) Details & Application possibility



Integrative theatre + other activities –see title- for kids (both refugees as non-refugees). Studytheme: migration+ asylum in CH, peace

23/06 – 07/07 Theatre and creative activities with kids (Basel) Details & Application possibility
30/06 – 14/07 Theatre and dance (Biel, Bienne) Details & Application possibility
07/07 – 20/07 Theatre and circus (Schluein) Details & Application possibility
04/08 – 18/08 Theatre and creative activities with kids (Lausanne) Details & Application possibility
29/09 – 13/10 Theatre and arts (Luzern) Details & Application possibility



Restoration of cementery, monument of large Jewish community before WW2. Besides history, attention for various ethnic communities in the region nowadays.

08/08 – 28/08 Jewish Cemetery (Chernivtsi) Details & Application possibility

16 thoughts on “Workcamps / Activities

  1. Rebekka

    I just came across this site and that sounds really great.
    I am 18 and I am from Germany and Austria – which is difficult to say at the moment ;-)
    So are there any workcamps planned for 2012?

    • john

      Dear Rebekka,
      we are currently putting together the list of NMW workcamps that are being planned in 2012 and it will be published on this blog very shortly, maybe even by beginning of next week…so please keep watching.

  2. Yana

    how can I join to workcamp in Italy?
    I’m sorry, my English is not good, is it possible to speak with some italian-speaker?
    thank you!

  3. Yaroslav

    I`m student from Russia and I interested in the project with name “Peace and NonViolence in Ghilarza” in Italy. Can I still take part in that project and is it necessary to pay money ahead (fee) ?

  4. myers

    hi Yaroslav, you need to apply via one of SCI’s acknowledged partners in Russia. You can find the contacts of all of them on the SCI international website under “find a branch” on the right-hand side. We do not accept applications directly from private persons.

    Your sending organisation can give you all kinds of info whether there are places left, conditions of participation etc.

    Best of luck!

  5. Nantisara

    Hi. How can I find the detail of application on the workcamp in Italy on Peace and NonViolence in Ghilarza? Thank you in advance.

  6. myers

    Hi Nantisara, you have to apply via a branch or partner organisation of SCI in the country where you reside. Go to the internaitonal website ( and check the dropdown on the right-hand side to find the organisation you need.
    To find details about the camp, you can check the workcamp search engine, which you can also find on the international website.

    Good luck!

  7. seulbi

    HI :) I have a questions about ! Germany Travelling Camp ‘No More War!’ program.
    i wonder if woman can participate or not. because it couldn’t search in SCI site when i login.

    thank you!

  8. myers

    Dear Seulbi,
    unfortunately the NMW traveling workcamp in Germany is already full (12 volunteers from 8 different countries), that is why it is no longer advertised on the databank.

    The TWC is always one of our most popular camps and we get lots of applicaitons from highly motivated people interested in promoting peace education! The TWC is really unique, because it combines theoretical learning and discussion with the immediate opportunity to put that new learning into practice via all-day peer-to-peer education workshops in different intercultural settings.

    Well maybe you can apply next year already in April?


    sci d office

  9. olesya

    Tell me please will all costs of road be paid by volunteer or the organization will pay?

  10. myers

    Hello Olesya,
    unfortunately the deadline for applying has past and all volunteers for the PC have been selected. They pay their own travel to the starting point of the PC and back home at the end. During the route itself, travels are paid by SCI.

  11. Coralie

    i’m EVS in Slovenija (Krsko) and I’m working in an organization making videos about young people and their activism projects. I think this project is very nice and I would like to meet the Peace Caravan team for few days when they will be close to Slovenia (Croatia, Hungary, Italy…) to make a video report about this project. What do you think about this idea? Do you think it could be possible?
    Feel free to contact me via email to discuss more about it.
    Best regards,

  12. myers

    HI there Coralie,
    that sounds like a really nice offer, but we have to ask first those hosting organisations in those countries if they would be interested, willing and have the capacity to arrange it. And the details of a visit you would have to arrange directly with them. So please send me your emailaddress to:, and then I can forward your idea to those responsible and give them your contacts in case they decide to follow it up with you…

    Cheers and many thanks for your encouraging support,


  13. Blerta

    Wow, this is awesome. Hope I’ll be able to join you in some activity or initiative in 2013. Greetings from Macedonia! :)

  14. lily


    I would really love taking part in an international workcamp or other cultural activity. Where can I find out which projects are planned for 2012 and the following year? :)

  15. john

    Dear Lily, you can find descriptions of all workcamps on the international SCI data bank.
    Check out the international website –
    You have to apply via an SCI branch or partner in your country.



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