Okay, generally no-more-war workcamps are described as follows:

“This workcamp is part of the worldwide “NO-MORE-WAR!” campaign of diverse voluntary service organisations which have united together to highlight and practice pacifism and non-violence. We promote a future of peaceful cooperation where armed forces will no longer be necessary.”
More Information: http://www.no-more-war.net

Projects for 2013

No-more-war workcamps 2013


Austria – Paths of peace

Paths of Peace

Turning previous paths of destruction -First World War- into paths of peace

13/07 – 26/07 Paths of Peace -full-
27/07 – 09/08 Paths of Peace Details & Application possibility

Preservation on the former concentration camp, partly archaeological work. Extensive studypart on history, violence, racism

28/7 – 10/8 Never again war! (Buchenwald) Details & Application possibility

After an initial training, participants will travel to other camps to run one-day self-designed workshops about culture, identity, discrimination etc.

04/08 – 25/08 Travelling camp ‘Culture and diversity’ Details & Application possibility


Great Britain

Volunteers will work behind the scenes in running of the festival. Studypart: the promotion of spirituality and peace through theatre, music and dance.

01/08 – 12/08 Festival of Spirituality and Peace Details & Application possibility
12/08 – 27/08 Festival of Spirituality and Peace 2 Details & Application possibility



Both muslim and Christian youngsters plant flowers together after a conflict in Ambon (East-Indonesia) which developed along religious lines

21/08 – 03/09 City of Flowers (Ambon) Details & Application possibility



Part of Living Together project. Participants will travel around Kosovo and collect recipes of traditional Roma dishes. Studypart: peace and human rights education

19/07 – 29/07 Heart, hand, spoon – Roma cook book Details & Application possibility


Sri Lanka

Cleaning premises, contribute to set better living conditions for people involved with the conflict situation in the recent past

08/08 – 18.08 Nawajeewanam (Kilinochchi) Details & Application possibility



Integrative theatre + other activities –see title- for kids (both refugees as non-refugees). Studytheme: migration+ asylum in CH, peace

23/06 – 07/07 Theatre and creative activities with kids (Basel) Details & Application possibility
30/06 – 14/07 Theatre and dance (Biel, Bienne) Details & Application possibility
07/07 – 20/07 Theatre and circus (Schluein) Details & Application possibility
04/08 – 18/08 Theatre and creative activities with kids (Lausanne) Details & Application possibility
29/09 – 13/10 Theatre and arts (Luzern) Details & Application possibility



Restoration of cementery, monument of large Jewish community before WW2. Besides history, attention for various ethnic communities in the region nowadays.

08/08 – 28/08 Jewish Cemetery (Chernivtsi) Details & Application possibility

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